Facilitator’s Online Change Leader Accreditation Program

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Course Discussion

Led by Sonia Tallarida, you'll get everything you need to run several versions of the Change Leader course yourself.


Introduction for Facilitators

This lesson will help you learn a bit more about the Change Leader 360 framework and what you can expect from this training.

What is Change Management

Not everyone has the same definition of what change management is.  Here's ours. After you've introduced the course aims and introduced why everyone is there, it’s important to ensure everyone is working from a consistent definition of what change management is.  Often people have quite different views of what change management is so the following [...]

Managing through Transition

This module includes some time to talk to participants about what it means to manage teams through transition. What do we mean when we talk about transition? Transition is the process a person goes through when their circumstances change - from where they are now to where they need to be in the future.  It [...]

Managing Resistance

As teams move through transition, you will experience resistance.  This module will help you work out how to manage resistance more effectively. What's with all this resistance? A natural part of managing transition is managing resistance.  In covering the leaders' thoughts on what typical responses they might encounter as their teams move through change, there [...]

The Change Leader 360 Framework

Introducing the Change Leader 360 Framework The Change Leader 360 (CL360) framework has been developed based on experience gained after 25 years in the field of delivering projects and change to organisations.  It takes a behaviour based approach to what leaders can do to successfully lead change with their teams. The framework is supported by [...]

Team Engagement Tools

Introducing the Change Leader Toolkit There are a number of exercises which leaders can use to engage their team in the change and ensure their buy-in/commitment to the changes being made. The main tools are set out in the course materials as follows: Team Engagement Tools Handout 1 file(s) 2 MB Download   Toolkit Example [...]

Wrap Up

Now we move to the final part of the Change Leader 360 Leading Change program, where we recap on the learning outcomes. Workshop Exercise As you draw the training to a close, a review of the following video (click here: face the rear) can be very helpful to reinforce learning outcomes. Ask your leaders, what [...]

Resources and Additional Information for Facilitators

Thank you for completing the Change Leader 360 Facilitators Accreditation program - we hope you will find the materials really useful in developing your own leaders or client leader teams. This accreditation allows personal use for you to train leaders of change in the Leading Change program.  For anyone else you know that wishes to [...]