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Course Discussion

Led by Sonia Tallarida, a collection of videos and exercises designed to make you a rockstar Change Leader.


Introduction for Leaders

This lesson will help you learn a bit more about the Change Leader 360 framework and what you can expect from this training.

What is Change Management – for Leaders

What is your definition of change management? It’s important to ensure everyone is working from a consistent definition of what change management is.  Often people have quite different views of what change management is so the following information is included in a handout so we can start from a common, shared basis: What is Change [...]

Leading through Transition

What do we mean when we talk about transition?  What sorts of responses might we see when your team move through transition and how can you best manage them? What do we mean when we talk about transition? Transition is the process a person goes through when their circumstances change - from where they are [...]

Managing Resistance – for Leaders

Quick recap on transition Before we head into the topic of managing resistance, you might like to refer to the following handout, which identifies the engagement strategies you can use as a leader at each point in transition. Managing Transition - Engagement Strategies 1 file(s) 2 MB Download   But how do I manage resistance? [...]

The Change Leader 360 Framework – for Leaders

Introducing the Change Leader 360 Framework The Change Leader 360 (CL360) framework has been developed based on experience gained after 25 years in the field of delivering projects and change to organisations.  It takes a behaviour based approach to what leaders can do to successfully lead change with their teams. The framework is supported by [...]

Team Engagement Tools – for Leaders

Recap on Change Leader 360 Framework Refer to the following handout for a more detailed explanation of the 7 skills, in terms of what they mean and what behaviours you need to demonstrate if you are to be effective in the skill set: CL360 Handout 1 file(s) 2 MB Download   Change Leader Toolkit Our [...]

Wrap Up – for Leaders

As we draw the training to a close, review the attached video (face the rear).  What are the messages that this video delivers to leaders of change? What did this video demonstrate? (that people follow others even if it appears wrong? The power of peer pressure?) What does this mean for leaders? When we change, [...]

Resources and Additional Information for Leaders

Thank you for completing the Change Leader 360 Leading Change  program - we hope you will find the materials really useful in developing your skills in leading change. Please note there are guidelines around the use of the Change Leader 360 framework which we appreciate your support with.  Please ensure you print out the terms [...]