Change Practitioner (with eToolkit) Online Course

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Course Discussion

An introduction to change management for newbie practitioners as well as those with some experience.


Introduction – for Practitioners

This module is for practitioners of change, specifically project managers or change managers assigned to deliver a change for an organisation. Sonia Tallarida (above) provides an overview of the course aims. It provides an overview of what we mean by change management, some of the pitfalls and provides you with a comprehensive toolkit for managing [...]

What is Change Management – for Practitioners

Before we begin, it’s important to ensure we are all working from a consistent definition of what change management is. What is your definition of change management? Often people have quite different views of what change management is, especially if you're working within an IT function where it can sometimes get confused with change request [...]

The Change Leader 360 Framework – for Practitioners

Introducing the Change Leader 360 Framework The Change Leader 360 (CL360) framework has been developed based on experience gained after 25 years in the field of delivering projects and change to organisations.  It takes a behaviour based approach to what leaders can do to successfully lead change with their teams. The framework is supported by [...]

Introducing the Practitioner Toolkit

Recap on Change Leader 360 Framework Refer to the following handout for a more detailed explanation of the 7 skills, in terms of what they mean and what behaviours you need to demonstrate if you are to be effective in the skill set: CL360 Handout 1 file(s) 2 MB Download   The Practitioner Toolkit The [...]

Change Strategy and Plan

The first step in any change project is to prepare the change management strategy and plan.  This requires an understanding of the change scope, why the change is being made, its complexity, who it touches and how. Please download the following documents and complete the exercise in the quiz referencing your project example.  One of [...]

Change Impact Assessment

The cornerstone of any change project is the change impact assessment.  This is a living document which thoroughly records the changes being made by the project, who those changes impact and how and what strategies and actions are needed to manage that change. The outcomes of the change impact assessment feed many of the other [...]

Stakeholder Engagement

Planning for Stakeholder Engagement The stakeholder engagement plan details the approaches you plan to use with different stakeholders on your project to get them on board with the change and lead it the way they should.  This plan works alongside the communications plan which covers the more formal aspects of communication on your project. Stakeholder [...]

Communications Plan

Communication, Communication, Communication What's that saying.... you can never under communicate? Well, that is very true!  Finding different ways to communicate the same message so that people remember what you told them is the key to a successful communications plan. Often times on a change project, due to the requirement for fairly structured communications, you [...]

Change Readiness

Are we ready to change? How do you know if the audience you are impacting is ready to take a leap of faith with you? Change readiness is all about assessing the receptivity of your impacted audience to the change.  It's something you measure from the start of your project right through to the implementation [...]

Capability Development

Enhancing Skills and Capabilities Capability development is focused on how you can effectively upskill and support those impacted by the change, so the change has the best chance at success. Capability development not only covers training but also one-to-one coaching/support that might be required to enhance someone's skill set.  It should also cover how knowledge [...]

Organisation Alignment and Change Realisation

The Final Step - where the rubber hits the road! Organisation alignment covers the changes required to roles and structure to deliver the change whilst change realisation is concerned with what support and measurement approaches can be put in place post-implementation to ensure the change is delivered successfully.  Remember, 80% of change projects fail.  This [...]

Wrap Up – for Practitioners

This completes your overview of the practitioner toolkit along with some practice in applying it. We hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. By now, you should hopefully have printed off all the handouts and/or saved them to a relevant local drive.  Please note, handouts are for your individual use only.  If others in [...]